The “Catholic Biblical School” has transformed thousands of students’ lives over the many years of operation in Denver, Colorado and in various sister schools across the country. Even after just two years in Virginia, over 300 students have been profoundly touched by the program. Here are a few testimonials from our students:

The Catholic Bible School has given me a whole new dimension of understanding for the scripture readings at Mass. Not only do I look for terms and events that I have learned about in class, but I also enjoy a level of appreciation for the foreshadowing that occurs in the Old Testament as it relates to the New Testament. This class makes the Bible come alive – it has brought me closer to my Catholic faith.  I highly recommend it! ~ K.B.

“After being away from the Church for a long time, and with many years of false teaching filling my head I really needed this Bible Study. Dr. Lebish not only showed us biblically why we believe what we believe, he made it a lot of fun.” ~ T.B.

This journey through the historical books of the Old Testament is engaging and enlightening, informative and inspirational. Learn to recognize the signposts, discern the patterns, and better understand how everything in the Old Testament points our way to Jesus. Dr. Lebish’s insightful instruction illustrates God’s plan for our salvation in a most enjoyable fashion. He made the year go by in no time. ~ E.C.

Although I am not a Catholic, I decided to enroll in the program to really study the Bible in an organized and thought provoking manner. I was shocked to see how much I didn’t know and to see it was all right there in the Bible. The significance of the Old Testament and it’s relationship to the New Testament, the typology, and most importantly, the patience and love of God were beautifully taught. My prayer life and understanding of God’s word has been greatly enriched by Catholic Biblical School. No matter what denomination you are, this class will enhance your understanding of the Bible and God’s desire for your life. Two hours a week can change your life! ~ K.T.

Just finished my first year at Biblical School and I loved it! It was so interesting and Dr. Lebish is a very engaging teacher. This course gave me very important context for all of the fragments and stories that I had learned throughout my life. I am fascinated with all of the typology in the Old Testament and how everything is connected. I am learning so much and am super excited for Year 2! ~ C.D.

Like many, I hesitated to take this Bible Study program. Taking this thought to Jesus, I found myself in class; it’s the best Bible Study class I have ever taken and I can’t stress that enough. We are very blessed here, at Sacred Heart of Jesus, to have this program offered to us. Your understanding of scripture, your prayer life, and gospel readings at Mass will have so much more meaning and come alive as you fulfill your journey here on Earth. Dr. Lebish is an excellent instructor putting his heart in soul into each lecture. Personally, he is the best instructor I have ever had giving as much information as he can and answering every question you have! ~ S.M.

The Catholic Biblical School is a gift that keeps giving. Growing up Catholic, I had all the pieces, now I’m learning how they all fit together, and it’s a great picture!! S.W.

I’ve been involved in Bible study for about 20 years and the Catholic Biblical School was like Bible study on steroids. I learned so much more about how loving and compassionate our God truly is! I can’t wait for Year 2! ~ S.T.

I did not realize how little I knew about the Bible — and thus my faith — until I attended Biblical School at Sacred Heart. Dr. Lebish, with just the right amount of seriousness and joviality, made the Old Testament come alive. As such, I recommend this highly. ~ A.O.

For the past several years, I have made a conscious effort to get closer to the church and to my faith. I was raised Catholic, served as an altar boy for 4 years, attended CCD classes, have participated in the sacraments, and am an active member of the Knights of Columbus, so I’ve ‘checked many of the boxes’  along my Catholic life journey.  As a result of many of my job relocations, I have made friends who are clearly much more schooled and learned about the Bible. This is not something that was a frequent topic of discussion, yet I often wondered why my own schooling and CCD classes did not provide a basic foundation of Bible study. Yes, I would occasionally read the Bible and I could have explored other means, but I felt I may be too far behind others with greater understanding. When I heard about the Biblical School, I thought it to be the perfect means to address this gap that I felt existed, so I figured I’d give this class a try – it was absolutely the right decision! The class has exceeded my expectations and is providing the basic foundation that I sought, allowing me to better connect to the weekly Gospels, learn with others with similar goals, and I look forward to Year 2! ~ S.C.

The Catholic Bible School was a stimulating and enriching program that provided a whole new dimension to my Catholic beliefs. The first year focus on the Old Testament greatly increased my understanding of the foundational elements of our Catholic faith. The weekly lectures, which were always stimulating, coupled with the home study, provided me with an inspired and deeper appreciation for the practice and sharing of my faith. It was truly a valuable and rewarding year. ~ W.M.W.

Taking this course will make the Bible come alive.  It provides “back stories”, maps, genealogy charts, typology, and so much more.  This gift of knowledge continuously unfolds God’s plans for His people with love, patience and justice. Can’t wait for Year 2. ~ B.R.

As the course progressed I found myself “thinking like a Jew”! What I mean is, before taking the Biblical School my mind would go blank at any time the Sunday Mass. I didn’t understand what St. Paul was saying. I didn’t understand the world Jesus lived and worked in. Jesus’ words to us today require context. You have to know the audience Jesus was speaking to. Dr. Lebish will instill that in you with eloquence, humor, and insight. Best Bible course ever! ~ C.B.